Whigville Market is Grand Blanc, Michigan's favorite party store. It has earned a reputation. All prices and services are available to all customers that come in the store. You don't need a card or V.I.P. pass. All customers old and new get the same Whigville discount prices and great service.

People always ask why is Whigville so special? Here's what we have to say..
Coldest beer in the county.
Freshest beer, even the imports are fresh cold and no price gouging.
Whigville keeps the beer, wine, and pop prices at the lowest price in the industry all year around.
No gimmicks, Whigville is a customer driven store with all product and services geared to the customers continued satisfaction.
World's top selling wines at supermarket prices.
Whigville always keeps up with the trends, so you don't have too. We only sell the best rated so you make better choices on beverages you pick up.
Whigville is open from 10 AM through 2 AM seven days!
Whigville is the only party store open until 2 AM seven days a week.
For our customers over 18 years of age we have the best selection of adult magazines in the state.
Liquor at Whigville comes in every size, taste, and price range. At Whigville, all customers big or small, rich or poor, new or old get the same discounts.

Furthermore, at Whigville we've taken the frustration out of wine buying. We filter through all the over priced gimmicks and bring you the best wines in the world at wholesale prices whether you prefer vintage over value or value over vintage. We conveniently have the right wine at the right price; no fancy attire required. Whigville Market also stocks champagne, and yes we do have Cris... Crystal... and lots of other great champagnes and sparkings. Thanks to all our customers for their continued support, and if you have any questions you can contact us at info@whigville.com.


Many of you may have noticed references to something called "Whigville" when driving near the Saginaw/Dort/Hill intersection. With a large growth in population over the last several years however many newer to the area may not know what it means.

Grand Blanc Township was formally organized in 1833, pre-dating both Genesee County and the State of Michigan. One of the earliest settlers in the area was a businessman named Charles DeWitt Gibson, who like many early Michigan pioneers, was from New York. After the Erie Canal opened in 1825, creating a faster and more cost-effective means of transportation from New York to what was then the wilderness of Michigan, pioneers began to set out in search of new opportunities.

Gibson was a cabinet maker by trade. He married Artemisia Frost in 1831, and in 1833 he set out with his family for the Michigan territory. He bought roughly 400 acres in northern Grand Blanc Township, opened a saw mill and General Store where He sold and traded with other settlers and Native Americans. As the area became more inhabited, other store and businesses opened and the village was given the name Gibsonville after its leading citizen.

Throughout its brief history, the village was known by several names, including Gibsonville, Dibbleville and Whigville. The name Whigville presumably refers to the Gibson Family's afiliation with the Whig political party, a very popular party in the mid-19th century.

At one point, Whigville grew to encompass the area from the historic First

Baptist Church on Saginaw Street to the township's northern boundary at Maple Road. The Gibson Tavern, also known as Whigville Tavern, did considerable business and was a main hotel for travelers between Saginaw and Detroit. However, the settlement fell into a rapid decline after the railroad bypassed it in 1864. As the railroad traveled through Grand Blanc Centre, as it was known then, it became the main center for activity and trade in the township. Whigville reverted to Hamlet status by 1877.

you can still find a few references to Whigville today if you look closely, including the sign on Hill Road and the Whigville Party Store. - Ryan Redding

Whigville Market is Grand Blanc's Favorite Party Store

A Vast selection of liquor is available at Whigville. Improvments inside, included the installation of a new Michigan Lottery Vending machine, called the Lucky Spot. While customers can still buy tickets at the checkout, the machine allows faster acceess to favorite instant games.

GRAND BLANC - Whigville Market is Grand Blanc's Favorite Party Store. It is also the only party store open until 2a.m. seven days a week. Why is it Called Whigville? In the mid 19th century as the Whig political party gained in popularity, the name was born. The area where the store is located, near Saginaw Street, Dort Highway, and the Hill road intersection is still technically called Whigville. Owner Carol, says she likes the name because she thinks it is so recognizable and remembered by customer. The store, located at 6039 Dort Highway, is very customer-driven and the market guarantees the lowest liquor prices year round. "We carry items that our customers want,"
said Carol. "We try to offer a wide variety of items from different sizes, flavors, even airline size bottles." Whigville also makes it easier for customers to buy wine. They stock their shelves with the world's best wines at wholesale prices. Quality champagnes and sparkling wines are also found at Whigville.

Whigville focuses on being the store of choice for bartenders and caterers from Detroit to Saginaw. Whigville has been in business for 25 years, and Carol knows her focus on customer service has been the reason for their success. Employees, who are experts in the beer and liquor industry, help Whigville's reputation as being the best business. Manager, Jason Sherwood, is one of those experts, and has been employed at Whigville for 18 years."The people are my favorite part of running this business. I like helping people find the products they love," said Carol. For example, Whigville carries a full line of detox products considered the best and most trusted in the industry. Carol also has made numerous recent improvements to the store to enhance customer service. Updates were made at the checkout counters to make purchasing and payment easier and more speedy. To order a special product call 810-694-3566.


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