Sizes of Kegs

1/2 Barrel Keg

• Half barrel is the largest size keg available for retail sale.
• Half barrel has seven cases of beer in it.
• Half barrel serves two hundred 10 oz. glasses of draft beer.
• All Half barrels have a $30.00 deposit

Height 23 1/4 "
Diameter 15 1/2 "

1/4 Barrel Keg

• Quarter barrel is sometimes called a " Pony Keg ".
• Quarter barrel has three and ½ cases of beer in it.
• Quarter barrel serves one hundred 10 oz. glasses of draft beer.
• All Quarter barrels have a $30.00 deposit.

Height 14 "
Diameter 15 1/2 "

1/6 Barrel Keg

• Sixth barrel is the smallest size keg available for retail sale.
• Sixth barrel has 2 cases of beer in it.
• Sixth barrel serves fifty 10 oz. glasses of draft beer.
• All Sixth barrels have a $30.00 deposit

Height 23 1/4 "
Diameter 9 1/4 "

Taps are available only to our customers when they are buying a keg. And, our taps are new! Whigville does not charge a rental fee for our taps, but we do have a $40.00 deposit that is fully refundable upon

Michigan sales tax is charged.

Kinds of Taps

D System - Lever Handle

" D " system is the most common system available in the US, also known as American Sankey. It is used by all the major breweries - Anheuser-Busch, Miller, Molson-Coors, and Labatt as well as most craft breweries.

The keg coupler connects to the keg valve, " tapping " the keg. Both the gas line from the CO2 tank / regulator and the beer hose to the beer faucet attach to the coupler.

U System European Sankey Keg Taps

"U" System: Keg beer taps for most European beers and ales -Guinness, Boddingtons and Bass.

S System Keg Taps

European Sankey Keg Taps, are another of the six different keg taps in the world. These keg taps fit Heineken, Amstel Light, New Castle, and more. These keg taps look very similary to the US Sankey; but actually the stem that goes into onto the keg is shorter on the US Sankey.
here is our list:

  • Amstel Light
  • Heineken
  • Newcastle


Tips of enjoying your keg:

• Let the keg settle for 20 minutes before tapping.
• Only pump tap when neccesary, as your beer will flow better and you will cut down on foam.
• Keep your keg as long as you like, as there is no extra charge for using our taps extra days.
• Don't forget cups and ice while you are here!
• Please order your favorite beer ahead of time (2 days minimum).
For last minute parties or emergency run outs we carry Bud, Bud Light, Labatts, Miller Lite, Killians Red and Coors Light in the store at all times. And, we are open until 2 AM seven days a week.
Be sure your beer is fresh... Draft beer tastes great fresh from the brewery, therefore, we get deliveries weekly. We sell more kegs, so your beer is always fresh. For trouble shooting questions, contact us at (810) 694-3566 or right here on Enjoy!

Common Keg Information

Keg Temperature
• Kegs should be stored between 36-38�F, and keep it maintained at that Temp.

CO2 Pressure
• 12-14 Lbs


Dispensed with CO2, and maintained at the proper temperature and pressure: 
• Non-pasteurized draft beer will remain fresh for about 45-60 days. Pasteurized draft beer will remain fresh for about 90-120 days.

Party Pump (air):
• All draft beers will remain fresh for only 8-12 hours.